How do you know if the red spots on your skin are couperose?

Press a glass against your skin. If the redness disappears, then there are blood vessels present. In that case, couperose treatment is an option. If the redness does not disappear after pressing a glass against your skin, then it could be another disorder, such as a port-wine stain. In either case, you should see a doctor.

Is couperose harmful?

Couperose is an annoying but harmless skin complaint. It makes you look as though you’re blushing, because your cheeks are continuously red. Your nose is often red and you can get couperose on the forehead and parts of the chin.

How should I use Dermalex Rosacea & Couperose?

Gently clean the affected area with luke-warm water. Apply a thin layer of Dermalex Rosacea & Couperose Cream to the affected area. Repeat this action twice a day.

How long do I have to use Dermalex Rosacea & Couperose before seeing a result?

The results vary according to the person and skin type. However, clinical studies have shown that after 30 minutes the skin is already 18% better hydrated and redness has diminished by 44%. Visible spider veins are reduced by 21% after treatment for 4 weeks and by 34% after treatment for 8 weeks.

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