What is Rosacea?

Rosacea means ‘red as a rose’. It is a chronic condition characterized by inflammation of the skin on the face, causing reddening and flushing. Rosacea sufferers have good days and bad days, given that flare-ups are erratic.

Illustrated image describing the rosacea skin condition.

How Dermalex helps

The Dermalex range of creams and gels has been specially formulated to moisturise and protect your skin and keep your natural barrier strong and healthy. Each product in the range has been developed with a thorough understanding of the factors that lead to common skin conditions and clinically-proven to treat and relieve the symptoms that make problem skin so uncomfortable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

See below for our frequently asked questions on Rosacea. For help and advice across a range of skin conditions and how Dermalex can help, please see our Help and Advice section.


Helps to soothe your skin

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Clinical research
Dermalex is proven to be effective in clinical tests [13];

Dermalex Rosacea with 95% of the test participants noticing a reduction in redness * .

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*95% of 20 people agreed